Hiro-Sato Niwa

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There has been some confusion concerning the animal group size: an exponential distribution was deduced by maximizing the entropy; lognormal distributions were practically used; as power-law decay with exponent 3/2 was proposed in physical analogy to aerosol condensation. Here I show that the animal group-size distribution follows a power-law decay with(More)
Universal scaling in the power-law size distribution of pelagic fish schools is established. The power-law exponent of size distributions is extracted through the data collapse. The distribution depends on the school size only through the ratio of the size to the expected size of the schools an arbitrary individual engages in. This expected size is linear(More)
We have demonstrated, using a highly sensitive high performance liquid chromatography technique, that the pineal organ (epiphysis cerebri) of the rainbow trout contains both 11-cis-retinal and 11-cis-3-dehydroretinal. These compounds were assumed to be the chromophores of pineal photopigments, because they were isomerized to all-trans forms by(More)
Motivated by the finding that there is some biological universality in the relationship between school geometry and school biomass of various pelagic fishes in various conditions, I here establish a scaling law for school dimensions: the school diameter increases as a power-law function of school biomass. The power-law exponent is extracted through the data(More)
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