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— Many different and high-quality humanoid motions have been developed based on a tailored, 55cm tall humanoid robot kinematics and design using 21 servo motors and inertial sensors for stabilization. These include fast forward walking of about 1.5 km/h in permanent operation, multidirectional walking capabilities, a variety of standard and spectacular(More)
We have proposed the on-line signature verification method in the DWT domain in which a pen-position parameter is decomposed into sub-band signals and then they are verified using adaptive signal processing. Even when forgers trace genuine signatures, higher verification rate can be obtained compared with a time-domain verification method. Other parameters(More)
This paper illustrates and analyzes the competitive associative net called CAN2 applied to model-switching control of the temperature of RCA cleaning solutions, where the RCA clean is the industry standard way to clean silicon wafers and the temperature control is important for a stable cleaning performance. Since the control is dii-cult owing that the RCA(More)
The paper presents a multi-matcher on-line signature verification system which fuses the verification scores in the pen-position parameter and the pen-movement angle parameter at the decision level. The pen-position parameter consists of horizontal, x, and vertical, y, coordinates, and the pen-movement angle parameter is derived from the pen-position(More)
This paper provides a general framework with which a dynamic problem with potential regime shifts can be analyzed in a strategic environment as well as from social planner's perspective. A typical situation described by such a game is the joint exploitation of a common-property resource such as lakes, forests, marine fish populations, and at a larger scale(More)
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