Hiro Miyagishima

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The products of the Polycomb group of genes form complexes that maintain the state of transcriptional repression of several genes with relevance to development and in cell proliferation. We have identified Ring1B, the product of the Ring1B gene (Rnf2 - Mouse Genome Informatics), by means of its interaction with the Polycomb group protein Mel18. We describe(More)
The Polycomb group (PcG) gene products form complexes that regulate chromatin configuration to mediate cellular memory to postmitotic somatic cells and postmeiotic oocytes in Drosophila melanogaster. Structural and functional similarities of PcG proteins between invertebrates and vertebrates suggest mammalian PcG proteins may be involved to imprint(More)
The expression level of type II adenylyl cyclase mRNA (ACII) was analyzed by northern blotting in amygdaloid kindled rats. Remarkable increases in ACII mRNA were observed in the bilateral cerebral cortex and hippocampus at 24 h after the last generalized seizure. The elevated expression level in the hippocampus persisted for 4 weeks on the stimulated side.(More)
The expressions of mRNAs encoding G protein alpha subunits were analyzed in the cerebral cortex of amygdaloid kindled rats. A remarkable increase in Gsalpha mRNA were observed on the bilateral cerebral cortex at 24 h after the last generalized seizure and persisted 3 weeks on the unstimulated side. Gi2alpha mRNA level was also increased on the stimulated(More)
The REV3 gene of budding yeast encodes the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase zeta that carries out translesion DNA synthesis. While REV3-null yeast mutants are viable and exhibit normal growth, Rev3-deficient mice die around midgestation of embryogenesis, which is accompanied by massive apoptosis of cells within the embryo proper. We have investigated(More)
Mammalian Polycomb group (PcG) proteins are known to function during the maintenance of spatially restricted expression of Hox cluster genes and cellular proliferation. To understand the molecular basis of PcG functions, it is important to identify the components of mammalian PcG complexes. We isolated mouse YAF2 as a protein that interacts with Ring1B, a(More)
In order to evaluate the involvement of the stimulatory G-protein (Gs)-related transduction system in the basic mechanisms of epilepsy, we examine the expression levels of Gsalpha mRNA and specific GTP-binding ability in the hippocampus of amygdaloid-kindled rats at various seizure stages. Northern blot analysis showed a significant increase in the Gsalpha(More)
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