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The aggregate structures of two di-n-alkyl-phosphate anions (di-n-alkyl: n-butyl(n-dodecyl)(BDoP) and n-hexyl(n-dodecyl)(HDoP)) in water were studied by the use of SANS, cryo-TEM, Raman scattering,(More)
The aggregational behavior of three L-leucylglycine oligopeptides (residue numbers of glycine are 3, 4, and 5) in aqueous solution was investigated by the use of Raman scattering and 1H NMR(More)
Concentration-resolved 2D correlation gel permeation chromatography (GPC) has been used to examine the intricate details of the HCl-catalyzed polymerization of a polymeric silane-coupling agent(More)
For extremely asymmetric n-hexyl(n-decyl)phosphate (HDeP), n-hexyl(n-dodecyl)phosphate (HDoP), and n-hexyl(n-cetyl)phosphate (HCeP), the effect of the long-chains on the dynamic behavior of their(More)
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