Hiren M. Mandalia

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OBJECTIVE This paper introduces a robust, real-time system for detecting driver lane changes. BACKGROUND As intelligent transportation systems evolve to assist drivers in their intended behaviors, the systems have demonstrated a need for methods of inferring driver intentions and detecting intended maneuvers. METHOD Using a "model tracing" methodology,(More)
In this paper, we describe the development and field trial of a second screen iTV experience called FanFeeds. FanFeeds is a second screen application that allows authoring and consumption of time synchronized secondary content around TV shows. FanFeeds are created by one's social circle as a companion experience to TV shows. For the purpose of concept(More)
With the rise in highly capable, mobile and networked secondary devices, the two-screen Enhanced TV is a more plausible proposition today than ever before. This paper presents a field trial of a prototype that aimed to understand a conceptual merger of TV and second screen user experiences. Our prototype concept can be described as a companion device(More)
Dizziness and vertigo are frequently reported by patients with migraine. In migrainous vertigo (MV), vertigo is causally related to migraine. Patients of MV usually have an attenuated or absent headache with their vertigo as compared with their usual headache of migraine. Here we report three female patients of MV in which administration of triptan was(More)
In recent years, the wellness of seniors has become more important than ever before in our rapidly aging society. In the U. S., approximately 11,000 community senior centers provide a broad spectrum of programs for seniors to improve their overall health and wellness in their community. Although numerous studies have reported on the various benefits of(More)
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