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Finding needles in haystacks: linking scientific names, reference specimens and molecular data for Fungi
A set of standards and protocols is proposed to improve the data quality of new sequences, and we suggest how type and other reference sequences can be used to improve identification of Fungi. Expand
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Two novel species of Vagicola (Phaeosphaeriaceae) from Italy
Phaeosphaeriaceae is a large and important family in the order Pleosporales, comprising economically important plant pathogens. Species may also be endophytes or saprobes on plant hosts. Two newExpand
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First Report of Anthracnose Crown Rot of Strawberry Caused by Colletotrichum siamense in Taiwan
In Taiwan, strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) is a high-value crop with an average annual cultivated area of ∼500 ha in the last 5 years. Over 90% of strawberry cultivation is in Miaoli County,Expand
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In vitro inferred interactions of selected entomopathogenic fungi from Taiwan and eggs of Meloidogyne graminicola
Nematophagous fungi, mostly belonging to the phylum Ascomycota, have raised great attention because of their potential use against plant-pathogenic nematodes. In this investigation, entomopathogenicExpand
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Neokalmusia didymospora sp. nov. (Didymosphaeriaceae) from bamboo
A new ascomycetous species, Neokalmusia didymospora, inhabiting decaying bamboo, is introduced based on morpho-molecular studies. Neokalmusia didymospora is characterized by orange to brown clypeus,Expand
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Diversity and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum species causing strawberry anthracnose in Taiwan and description of a new species, Colletotrichum miaoliense sp. nov.
Strawberry is a small fruit crop with high economic value. Anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum spp. poses a serious threat to strawberry production, particularly in warm and humid climates, butExpand
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First Report of Neopestalotiopsis rosae Causing Leaf Blight and Crown Rot on Strawberry in Taiwan.
For the past 30 years, the most predominant strawberry cultivar in Taiwan has been 'Taoyuan No. 1', which produces fruit with rich flavor and aroma but is highly susceptible to anthracnose (Chung etExpand
Cryptic Diversity, Molecular Systematics and Pathogenicity of Pestalotiopsis and Allied Genera Causing Grey Blight Disease of Tea in Taiwan, with Description of a New Species of Pseudopestalotiopsis.
Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze, commonly known as tea, is widely cultivated around the world in tropical and subtropical areas. Tea is mainly manufactured using young shoots of tea plants.Expand