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OBJECTIVE To compare paroxetine with placebo and other antidepressants across multiple efficacy and tolerability outcomes. DATA SOURCES Searches were conducted in MEDLINE (1966-2004), EMBASE (1980-2004), CINAHL (1982-2004), all Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (1991-2004), HealthSTAR (1975-2004), BIOSIS (1980-2004), and PsycINFO (1840-2004). Medical(More)
UNLABELLED This descriptive study presented an overview of culturally sensitive mental health services and potential barriers for immigrant Canadians. A semi-structured questionnaire was developed and administered to 173 patients who attended a large cross-cultural psychiatry outpatient clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. RESULTS indicated that(More)
OBJECTIVES There is much controversy surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of patients with bipolar II disorder (BP II). To address the growing need to find effective treatment strategies for patients with BP II, this article identifies and summarizes available published evidence specific to the pharmacotherapy of BP II. METHODS Using the keywords,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine delusional disorder (formerly paranoia) which has re-emerged as an important diagnosis in psychiatry and familiarize present-generation psychiatrists with this disorder and its treatment. To benefit other researchers, a bibliography is appended. METHOD Approximately 1,000 articles on paranoia/delusional disorder were analyzed in(More)
Objective To examine the association between men's conformity to masculine norms and depression. Design Cross-sectional analysis. Setting University family practice clinic in Vancouver, BC. Participants Male patients, 19 years of age and older (N = 97). Main outcome measures The relationships among patients' scores on the Brief Symptom Inventory-18(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent research on the epidemiology, clinical course, diagnosis, and treatment of bipolar II disorder (BD II) stands to have a considerable impact on clinical practice. This paper reviews these developments. METHOD We conducted a Pubmed search, focusing on the period from January 1, 1994, to August 31, 2004. Articles deemed directly relevant to(More)
OBJECTIVE To present data from the recently implemented psychiatric short-stay units (SSUs) in metro Halifax. There are few data describing SSUs and factors associated with successful outcome. METHODS A 4-month retrospective chart review of 124 patients. RESULTS Patients tended to be single, unemployed young adults, with a past history of psychiatric(More)