Hiraku Yoshitake

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The evolutionary history of diet breadth expansion and intergeneric host shifts in the seed beetle genus Mimosestes were reconstructed to investigate the process of host range expansion in phytophagous insects. The evolutionary correlation between diet breadth and variation in oviposition behavior of Mimosestes was also examined to estimate the process of(More)
Homorosoma horridulum Voss 1958 (Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) was described from Kuatun, China, based on two specimens in the J. Klapperich collection. Since that time it has been uninvestigated for more than half a century, except by Colonnelli (2004), who listed it in his world catalogue of the subfamily. The recent examination of the holotype of H.(More)
Although floral herbivory has recently received increased attention as an important factor influencing plant reproduction, relatively little is known about how its frequency and intensity vary depending on traits of host plants. Here we report that herbivore pressure by a weevil, Zacladus geranii, is associated with a flower color polymorphism of Geranium(More)
Metapocyrtus (Orthocyrtus) orbiferoides Schultze, 1918 was described based on the female holotype collected from Ilocos Norte, North Luzon, Philippines. Since that time, it has been left unstudied for almost a century until I examined the holotype of M. (O.) orbiferoides in 2010 at Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen, Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden(More)
The genus Scleropteroides Colonnelli, 1979 (Ceutorhynchinae: Scleropterini) was revised on the basis of detailed morphological observations. The genus was redefined to include three species from East Asia: S. hypocrita (Hustache, 1916) is redescribed and recorded from northeastern China and northern Korea for the first time; S. horridulus (Voss, 1958) is(More)
The government "Well-Aging Community Promotion Program" (WAC) defines a "Well-Aging Facility" (WAF) consisting of a gymnasium for the elderly, an education-center for the elderly, a service-center for handicapped elderly and their families, and a fee-for-service nursing home, and incorporated funding provisions for WAF. Because of economic reasons, with the(More)
The genus Rhinoncomimus Wagner, 1940 includes seven species from Eastern Asia. One new species, Rh. continuus sp. nov. from Yunnan, China, is described. Habitus photos, illustrations and descriptions of all species except Rh. rubripes Korotyaev, 2006 (a possible junior synonym of R. niger Chûjô and Morimoto, 1959) are provided in detail, as well as key to(More)
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