Hiraku Onishi

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The hypocalcemic effects of salmon calcitonin (SCT) after oral administration in rats by means of SCT-loading double liposomes (DL) which consist of liposomes containing small liposomes were investigated. SCT-loading DL consisted of four types of the inner liposomes such as neutral liposomes (NL) and cationic charged liposomes (CL) prepared using Coatsome,(More)
Diabetes is characterized by the development of endothelial dysfunction, which affects both nitric oxide (NO)-mediated relaxation and endothelium-derived contracting factors, associated with vascular oxidative stress. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that polyphenols have several beneficial effects, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory(More)
Various formulations with some matrix bases and corrigents were examined for development of oral chewable tablets which suppressed the bitter taste of acetaminophen, often used as an antipyretic for infants. Corn starch/lactose, cacao butter and hard fat (Witepsol H-15) were used for matrix bases, and sucrose, cocoa powder and commercial bitter-masking(More)
The aim of this study was to develop acetaminophen chewable tablets with suppressed bitterness and improved oral feeling by examination of hard fats as the matrix base and of sweetening agents as corrigents. Witepsol H-15, W-35, S-55, E-75 and E-85, and Witocan H and 42/44 were used as hard fats. Witocan H and 42/44 were selected in view of improved oral(More)
A targeted delivery system for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Eudragit L100 (EuL)-coated chitosan (Ch)-succinyl-prednisolone (SP) conjugate microspheres (Ch-SP-MS/EuL), were designed and examined in vivo for efficacy and toxicity. Their preparation was conducted in the same manner as previously; that is, by synthesis of the conjugate by carbodiimide(More)
A novel preparative method for liposomes and double liposomes (DL) using glass beads was superior to a glass-filter method developed previously. Lipid dissolved in chloroform was poured into a kjeldahl flask with glass beads (BZ-04, 0.350-0.500 mm phi; BZ-3, 2.794-3.962 mm phi; or BZ-6, 5.613-6.680 mm phi), and the organic solvent was evaporated. The lipid(More)
The purpose of the present study was to obtain a novel microparticulate formulation of prednisolone, which was adequate for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The formulations prepared were evaluated in vitro. Two types of chitosan microspheres containing prednisolone, named Ch-Pred and Ch-SP-MS, were prepared by an emulsification-solvent(More)
BACKGROUND Although lactoferrin (LF) possesses useful functions such as antitumor, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory acitivities, it is subject to gastric digestion, resulting in the reduction of efficacy. Therefore, it is important to develop a system delivering LF efficiently to intestinal mucosa or gut-associated lymphoid tissue. METHOD(More)
INTRODUCTION Recently, pharmacotherapy has advanced extensively, but there are still many refractory diseases which cannot be solved fully by existing therapeutic agents. Therefore, alternative medicine and health foods are now attracting much attention, for example, lactoferrin (LF): a multifunctional glycoprotein. As LF is non-toxic and low-cost, its(More)
Chitin and chitosan derivatives are used as excipients and drug carriers in the pharmaceutical field. Their derivatization contributed to expansion of application and decrease toxicity. Chitosan is used as an excipient in oral dosage form. Chitosan tablet can exhibit a sustained drug release compared to commercial products. Films prepared using chitin or(More)