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RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To investigate the subsequent behaviour of doctor-shopping patients (defined as those attending multiple hospitals for the same complaint) who consulted our department and factors related to cessation of doctor shopping. METHODS Patients who presented without referral to the Department of General Medicine at Chiba University(More)
BACKGROUND Amiodarone (AMD), nifekalant (NIF), and lidocaine (LID) hydrochlorides are widely used for ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation (VT/VF). This study retrospectively investigated the NIF potency and the differential effects of 2 initial AMD doses (≤150 mg or 300 mg) in the Japanese SOS-KANTO 2012 study population. METHODS AND RESULTS From 16,164(More)
We report a 54-year-old man with osteomalacia due to a bladder reconstruction performed 35 years previously. He had had slowly progressive chest and back pain for 18 months. Osteomalacia due to metabolic acidosis was suspected based on hyperalkalinephosphatasemia and a high serum chloride level, and the diagnosis was confirmed by bone scintigraphy. His(More)
This is a rare case report of systemic allergic reaction to fish allergen ingested through breast milk. Mother ate raw fish more than 3 times a week. Her consumption of fish was associated with urticaria and wheeze in an infant via breast-feeding. Fish-specific IgE antibodies were detected by skin prick test but not by in vitro IgE test. This case(More)
BACKGROUND Antiarrhythmic drugs (AAD) are often used for fatal ventricular arrhythmias during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). However, the efficacy of initial AAD administration during CPR in improving long-term prognosis remains unknown. This study retrospectively evaluated the effect of AAD administration during CPR on 1-month prognosis in the(More)
We report a 38-year-old mestizo man with the sudden onset of left upper abdominal pain while climbing Mt. Fuji, which is the highest mountain in Japan. Enhanced computed tomography showed splenic infarction. Although his peripheral blood smear was normal, a hemoglobin S level of 40% established the diagnosis of sickle cell trait (SCT). This trait is common(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous subclavian artery dissection is a rare etiology. Spontaneous artery dissection causing brain ischemia is rare in all ischemic strokes. However, in young to middle-aged patients with brain ischemia, spontaneous carotid or vertebral artery dissection causing ischemic stroke accounts for 10-25%. CASE REPORT A 58-year-old man with a(More)
BACKGROUND Coins are made of metal, which is generally radiopaque, and so physicians often have the misconception that all coins are detectable by radiography. Here, we report a case of intentionally swallowed coins in the oesophagus of an adult; the coins could not be detected on chest radiography but were detected using computed tomography (CT). CASE(More)
Riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Japan. Nevertheless, intoxicated bicyclists are frequently treated at hospital emergency departments for bicycle-related injuries. This patient population usually requires more hospital resources, even for relatively minor injuries. Therefore, we hypothesized that bicycle-related crashes(More)
BACKGROUND The Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale is a valid triage system. The system was translated and implemented in the Japanese emergency departments (EDs) from 2012. This system was named the Japanese Triage and Acuity Scale; however, the validation studies of the Japanese Triage and Acuity Scale have been limited. In addition, for a patient with(More)
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