Hirakazu Kanamori

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Although liver is an estrogen target tissue, the number of hepatic genes known to be directly induced by estrogen is very small. We identified proteinase inhibitor 9, or PI-9, as being rapidly and strongly induced by estrogen in an estrogen receptor-positive human liver cell line (HepG2-ER7). Since PI-9 mRNA was also induced by estrogen in a human liver(More)
The function(s) and RNA binding properties of vigilin, a ubiquitous protein with 14 KH domains, remain largely obscure. We recently showed that vigilin is the estrogen-inducible protein in polysome extracts which binds specifically to a segment of the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of estrogen-stabilized vitellogenin mRNA. In order to identify consensus mRNA(More)
Chromosome bands 1p36 and 3p21 are known to be recurring breakpoints in therapy-related (t-) leukemia. We identified a recurring translocation, t(1;3)(p36;p21), in eight patients with various hematologic malignancies: three patients with ALL, one with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in accelerated phase (AP), two with MDS, and two with AML(M3). Five of(More)
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