Hipolito Carraro

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Community respiratory viruses (CRVs) are commonly associated with seasonal infections. They have been associated with higher morbidity and mortality among children, elderly individuals, and immunosuppressed patients. In April 2009, the circulation of a new influenza A virus (FLUA H1N1v) was responsible for the first influenza pandemic of this century. We(More)
We retrospectively analyzed the epidemiological features of 164 out-clinic patients with a first-onset stroke between 15 and 49 years old. Ischemic stroke occurred in 141 patients, hemorrhagic stroke in 16 patients, and venous thrombosis in 7 patients. Forty-eight percent of ischemic strokes were atherothrombotic, but no etiology was found in 32% of(More)
Charcot described many neurological diseases in the 19th century, particularly in movement disorders. Charcot contributed in the clinical description of Parkinson's disease, and introduced its first pharmacological treatment. He also studied the hyperkinesias, e.g. of Tourette syndrome, differential diagnosis of tremors, dystonias, choreas and startle(More)
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