Hinrich Wiese

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It was demonstrated that the soleus H-reflex was depressed for more than 10 s following a preceding passive dorsiflexion of the ankle joint. This depression was caused by activation of large-diameter afferents with receptors located in the leg muscles, as an ischaemic block of large-diameter fibres just below the knee joint abolished the depression, whereas(More)
It is essential that hydrogel scaffold systems maintain long-term shape stability and mechanical integrity for applications in cartilage tissue engineering. Within this study, we aimed at the improvement of a commercially available fibrin gel in order to develop a long-term stable fibrin gel and, subsequently, investigated the suitability of the optimized(More)
Nowadays, intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration is one of the principal causes of low back pain involving high expense within the health care system. The long-term goal is the development of a medical treatment modality focused on a more biological regeneration of the inner nucleus pulposus (NP). Hence, interest in the endoscopic implantation of an(More)
The use of either a hydrogel or a solid polymeric scaffold alone is often associated with distinct drawbacks in many tissue engineering applications. Therefore, in this study, we investigated the potential of a combination of long-term stable fibrin gels and polyurethane scaffolds for cartilage engineering. Primary bovine chondrocytes were suspended in(More)