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The unsupervised method proposed here for detecting structural features on satellite images consists of three major steps: a. The extraction of contours, which depends on the encountered texture, is obtained by an iterative filtering followed by several thresholds that generate binary images. The thresholds are determined by different percentages of pixels(More)
In a randomized study on 150 patients (ASA 1) undergoing induction of anaesthesia, the effects of Fentanyl (0.1 mg), the combination of Fentanyl (0.1 mg) and Droperidol (5 mg) (Innovar, Thalamonal) and Atropine (0.01 mg/kg b.w.) alone on cardiocirculatory parameters were studied. Induction and intubation were carried out with Thiopentone and(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical control system designed for permanent DC motor powered by a DC/DC Buck converter. Hierarchical controller based on differential flatness property of the plant system is meant to control the angular speed for tracking trajectories applications. This controller provides the voltage profiles that have to be tracked by the(More)