Hina V Bhalala

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The 13q21 tumor suppressor locus, as defined by chromosomal deletion, harbors the KLF5 transcription factor which may have tumor suppressor function. To investigate whether KLF5 plays a role in breast cancer, we evaluated all genes and/or expressed sequence tags (ESTs) within a 3.3 Mb common region of deletion at 13q21. Of these, only KLF5 mRNA was(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies mapped a region at the q21 band of chromosome 13 (13q21), which is frequently deleted in various human cancers including prostate cancer, suggesting the existence of a tumor suppressor gene at 13q21. The target gene of deletion in prostate cancer, however, has not been identified at present. METHODS We examined four(More)
In a periurban habitat located in Northern Virginia, this study used 13 replicates of a 4 x 4 Latin square to evaluate the efficacy of 2 novel mosquito traps, the Zumba mosquito trap and the BG-Sentinel trap, against 2 existing host-seeking mosquito traps [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) miniature light and CDC Fay-Prince]. All traps were(More)
This study determined whether the addition of a CO2 nozzle made specifically for the BG-Sentinel trap increased the efficacy of collecting host-seeking mosquitoes, particularly Aedes albopictus and Culex spp., which includes Cx. pipiens, Cx. restuans, and occasionally Cx. salinarius in Fairfax County, VA. Twenty BG-Sentinel traps were incorporated into the(More)
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