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The clinical diagnosis of mixed cryoglobulinaemia is difficult due to heterogeneity in presentation. Symptoms include the classical triad of purpura, arthralgia and weakness, with one or more other organs involved. We discuss a case of cryoglobulinaemia that presented with sensory motor neuropathy and with features of mononeuritis multiplex syndrome, but(More)
Cystic fibrosis is a common autosomal recessive disorder usually found in population of white Caucasian descent. Now it is well documented the presence of CF disease in India with the advancement of laboratory testing. As once it was thought non existence of this disease in our population. Most of the phenotype of CF disease was in accordance of western(More)
In 1999, Serum Institute of India indigenously developed an adsorbed human diploid cell rabies vaccine (Rabivax). During 2000-04, this new vaccine was subjected to a series of immunogenecity and safety studies. Initially, an experimental batch of Rabivax (adsorbed) was assessed on ten healthy adult volunteers and its response was comparable with that of(More)
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