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This paper analyse the risks involved in developing the complex software systems (CoSS). CoSS are high cost, large and ambitious projects with complicated user interfaces, and stringent performance requirements. We acknowledge previous work of Charette (1996) which concluded that, large-scale project management is a risk management. Complex software(More)
A new simple, selective, and economical preconcentration method was developed for the determination of Cd, Pb, and Ni in poultry antibiotics and supplements. The proposed preconcentration procedure is based on SPE using 8-hydroxyquinoline and Amberlite IRC-50 resin as complex and adsorbent, respectively. The determination was carried out by microsample(More)
Road network is employed for exchanging the information among the vehicles where accidents and traffic information can be delivered, or receive services by an infrastructure. Although wireless communication systems yield an efficient traffic system and provide ease to the drivers, there is a chance of a traffic disturbance and risk to drivers through(More)
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