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The Governance of Public Pensions: An Institutional Framework
Prior studies of public pensions emphasize the effect of the political economy on the performance of pension systems. We argue that this approach overlooks important institutional features of pensionExpand
Implementing Updated Recommendations on Hepatitis C Virus Screening: Translating Federal Guidance Into State Practice
Context: Chronic viral hepatitis is a leading infectious cause of death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated recommendations for hepatitis C virus testing, includingExpand
Global aid for nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions and proportion of stunted children across low- and middle-income countries: does aid matter?
Development assistance for health (DAH) has increased dramatically over the past two decades, and this increase has led to a debate on the benefits and perverse effects of scaling-up vs scaling backExpand
Female-Headed Households Associated with Lower Childhood Stunting Across Culturally Diverse Regions of Pakistan: Results from a Cross-Sectional Household Survey
Objectives Early childhood stunting adversely influences long-term cognitive and health outcomes. There is limited evidence on whether female empowerment within households could reduce itsExpand
Collaborative capital budgeting in U.S. local government
This article explores collaborative capital budgeting in U.S. local governments. To date, the capital budgeting literature has focused on practices within individual governments. This leaves a gap inExpand
Relationship between network operators and risky sex behaviors among female versus transgender commercial sex workers in Pakistan
ABSTRACT Unprotected sex among commercial sex workers (CSWs) remains a leading cause of HIV transmission internationally. Previous research on condom use among CSWs has focused on females, withExpand
Funding for Abstinence-Only Education and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention: Does State Ideology Affect Outcomes?
Objectives To examine the relationship between adolescent pregnancy-prevention and sexuality and abstinence-only education funding and adolescent birthrates over time. Also, to determine whetherExpand
At the bedside: A theological consideration of the role of silence and touch in the accompaniment of the dying
  • Hina Khalid
  • Philosophy
  • Scottish Journal of Theology
  • 1 May 2020
Abstract This essay situates two embodied practices of palliative care, namely, the act of sitting with another in silence, and the act of gentle touch, within the broader conceptual framework ofExpand
The Feminization of Love and the Indwelling of God: Theological Investigations Across Indic Contexts
Our essay is a thematic exploration of the malleability of idioms, imageries, and affectivities of Hindu bhakti across the borderlines of certain Indic worldviews. We highlight the theological motifExpand
Objective: To assess the frequency of congenital heart disease and its association with various factors in neonates of mothers with diabetes. Study Design: Cross-sectional study. Study Place andExpand