Himanshu Verma

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Varity of appliances have been presented in a house with the development of social economy and rapid increase in the needs of the people. There is a problem in the management and control of these appliances so as to meet the comfort, health and security at home. To overcome this problem a smart control based system has been proposed. When we talk about(More)
This paper surveys the various techniques developed in all these years for design of embedded computer system and evolution of complex embedded design. Although Embedded system varies over aircraft control systems as well as microwave ovens, there are intended techniques frequent to these incongruent applications, by working on that we can create a more(More)
In the last few years Digital controllers are widely used because of their excellent qualities of simplicity, effectiveness and they are applicable for broad class of systems. At present their involvement in industrial processes is more than 95%. They generally relate to accuracy, relative stability and speed of the response so as to yield an optimal(More)
The development of the computers has made human life more comfortable. Human -- computer Interaction (HCI) involves the study, planning, and design of the interaction between people (users) and computers. This research paper aims at the development of a portable and cost effective wireless eye movement-controlled HCI which can be used for the disabled who(More)
It is very common these days that we see street light powered with solar panels. As the fossil fuels a redegrading and also polluting the environment the use efficient power systems needs to be implemented. This paper presents a remote sense based street light system. This system can put effort to vary intensity according to the density of the traffic and(More)
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