Himanshu Rajpurohit

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A new, simple, fast and reliable zero order spectrophotometric method has been developed for determination of Escitalopram Oxalate in bulk and tablet dosage forms. The quantitative determination of drug was carried out using the zero order values (absorbance) measured at 238 nm. Calibration graph constructed at 238 nm was linear in concentration range of(More)
In the present study, fast disintegrating tablets were designed with a view to enhance patient compliance. In this method, the hull of Hordeum vulgare, cross carmellose sodium, and sodium starch glycolate were used as superdisintegrants (4 and 6%), along with microcrystalline cellulose and mannitol, to enhance mouth feel. The prepared batches of tablets(More)
The aim of the study was to compare the antimicrobial effect of combination of ceftriaxone/sulbactam and ceftriaxone/tazobactam against Escherichia coli (E. Coli). Isolate of β-lactamase producing E. coli was cultured and their sensitivity tests were done with both combinations using specially prepared antibiotic disks. National Committee for Clinical(More)
A reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography method was developed for simultaneous estimation of nitazoxanide and ofloxacin in tablet formulation. The separation and quantification was achieved by Hiq Sil C(18)V Size 4.6 mm Ø (*)250 mm column in isocratic mode, with mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile-methanol-0.4 M citric acid, (60:30:10,(More)
The colon targeted drug delivery has a number of important implications in the field of pharmacotherapy. Oral colon targeted drug delivery systems have recently gained importance for delivering a variety of therapeutic agents for both local and systemic administration. Targeting of drugs to the colon via oral administration protect the drug from degradation(More)
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