Himanshu Raj

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This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Trusted Language Runtime (TLR), a system that protects the confidentiality and integrity of .NET mobile applications from OS security breaches. TLR enables separating an application's security-sensitive logic from the rest of the application, and isolates it from the OS and other apps.(More)
The cloud infrastructure provider (CIP) in a cloud computing platform must provide security and isolation guarantees to a service provider (SP), who builds the service(s) for such a platform. We identify last level cache (LLC) sharing as one of the impediments to finer grain isolation required by a service, and advocate two resource management approaches to(More)
While industry is making rapid advances in system virtualization, for server consolidation and for improving system maintenance and management, it has not yet become clear how virtualization can contribute to the performance of high end systems. In this context, this paper addresses a key issue in system virtualization - how to efficiently virtualize I/O(More)
Public exhibits or displays are widely used to present information in public and semipublic places. Users may pass by several of these and observe a significant amount of interesting content, much of which may be forgotten. Unfortunately, there is no widely adopted way for users to acquire related information in locale for their subsequent perusal. We(More)
To join an unstructured peer-to-peer network like Gnutella, peers have to execute a bootstrapping function in which they discover other on-line peers and connect to them. Until this bootstrapping step is complete, a peer cannot participate in file sharing activities. Once completed, a peer’s search and download experience is strongly influenced by the(More)
Smartphones and tablets are easily lost or stolen. This makes them susceptible to an inexpensive class of memory attacks, such as cold-boot attacks, using a bus monitor to observe the memory bus, and DMA attacks. This paper describes Sentry, a system that allows applications and OS components to store their code and data on the System-on-Chip (SoC) rather(More)
Third, error logging and reporting is important. As an industry, we currently support very primitive logging with no mechanisms for root-cause analysis or correlation of failures. Error messages are often arcane or not useful, and “firstfailure” capture is impossible. This is evidenced by a common, though unrealistic, request from support center staff:(More)
Future many-core platforms present scalability challenges to VMMs, including the need to efficiently utilize their processor and cache resources. Focusing on platform virtualization, we address these challenges by devising new virtualization methods that not only work with, but actually exploit the many-core nature of future processors. Specifically, we(More)