Himanshu Neema

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– Modern Network Centric Operations drive the complexity of Information Fusion and Command and Control (C2) Systems. Driving this complexity further is the interplay dynamics of the human element, information systems, and communication networks. The lack of low-cost realistic experimental context limits the testing, evaluation, and further development of(More)
Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) are increasingly being used for designing and building large-scale networked and distributed systems. Catering to the complex and dynamically varying needs of business applications/clients, these systems must usually be realized by dynamically composing a variety of network-available services. Evaluation of large-scale(More)
An of-line scheduling algorithm considers resource. precedence, and synchroniiariori requiremenrs of a task graph, and generates a schedule guaranteeing its timing reqiiiremenrs. This schedule must, howe~~er, be executed in a d y a m i c arid rrnpredictoble operating envirotiment nhere resources may fail arid tasks may ereciite loriger than eryected. To(More)
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