Himanshu Kataria

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BACKGROUND Intramedullary fixation is the treatment of choice for closed diaphyseal fractures of femur and tibia. The axial and rotational stability of conventional interlocking nails depends primarily on locking screws. This method uses increased operating time and increased radiation exposure. An intramedullary implant that can minimize these(More)
Open reduction and internal fixation of high-energy pilon fractures are often associated with serious complications. Various methods have been used to treat these injuries, with variable results. A total of 17 consecutive patients with pilon fractures of AO/OTA type 43-B3 (n = 1), type C2 (n = 12) and type C3 (n = 4) were treated by indirect reduction by(More)
PURPOSE To assess results of small wire external fixation using a ligamentotaxis technique for high-energy tibial plateau fractures. METHODS Between April 2002 and May 2004, 38 consecutive patients aged 21 to 60 (mean, 32) years underwent small wire external fixation for high-energy tibial plateau fractures. 15 involved the right and 23 the left knee. 34(More)
We report a case where a one-stage osteotomy and fixation, using a long proximal femoral nail and fibular graft, was performed to correct a severe shepherd's crook deformity (70-degree varus and 50-degree retroversion) of the femoral neck with a pathological stress fracture in a patient with fibrous dysplasia. The neck shaft angle was corrected to 125(More)
BACKGROUND Stable trochanteric femur fractures can be treated successfully with conventional implants such as sliding hip screw, cephalomedullary nails, angular blade plates. However comminuted and unstable inter or subtrochanteric fractures with or without osteoporosis are challenging & prone to complications. The PF-LCP is a new implant that allows(More)
Bone involvement of hydatid disease is uncommon but when encountered, it presents few unique pathological features. The pattern of tissue involvement is largely different from that of visceral hydatid cyst. We describe the case of a 47 year-old man from northern India, a case of systemic hydatidosis including the liver and the right lung, presenting with an(More)
A rare case of neglected, open, multiple carpal-metacarpal fracture dislocations complicated by wound infection, soft-tissue contractures, and Sudeck's dystrophy is reported. Satisfactory cosmetic and functional results at 2 years were achieved with staged distraction using Ilizarov's fixator to stretch soft tissues and gain length, followed by open(More)
Melioidosis is an infectious disease caused by gram-negative soil-dwelling bacillus Burkholderia pseudomallei. Musculoskeletal melioidosis mimics other infections both clinically and radiologically. An extensive literature review has been performed over musculoskeletal melioidosis through various search engines such as Pubmed, Embase, Medscape, Altavista(More)