Himanshu Bhatt

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BACKGROUND There has been little research on the impact of quality improvement initiatives on ethnic disparities in diabetes management in the UK. METHODS Population-based, repeated cross-sectional survey of recorded measurements, prescribing and achievement of treatment targets among 4309 patients with diabetes mellitus using electronic medical records(More)
The purpose of the research was to present Budesonide (BUD) as a novel formulation showing improved aqueous solubility, which may decrease variability in C max⁡ and T max⁡ found in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients, and drug targeting to colon. To improve aqueous solubility, solid dispersion (SD) of the BUD with poloxamer 188 was prepared by melting(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether patients presenting after a first seizure to an Accident and Emergency (A&E) department were being managed according to consensus recommendations. DESIGN Retrospective audit. SETTING UK District General Hospital over 6 months. METHODOLOGY Hand search of Accident and Emergency notes for diagnoses of "seizure", "fit",(More)
BACKGROUND Simulation is increasingly used as a teaching tool and in assessment. The Ventriloscope® (VS) is a new auscultation simulator. This modified stethoscope allows pre-recorded sounds (activated wirelessly) to be integrated with a simulated patient (SP, professional actor). AIMS This study explores the instrument's potential for overcoming(More)
Circulation time (Ct) between lung and periphery may be a surrogate for cardiac output, estimated here, for the most part, as the time between taking a breath of nitrogen and peripheral detection of a desaturation pulse. Use of pulse oximetry involves an internal, instrument delay; however, using the ear, we found shortening with exercise (12.1 +/- 0.37(More)
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