Himanshi Narang

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The perception of toxicity to nitric oxide (NO) and irradiation (IR) by three different cell types has been studied. The three cell types are the macrophage like RAW264.7 cells, EL4 lymphoma cells, and splenocytes, which represent the different components of a tumor. These three cell types respond differently to NO donors (SNP and SNAP) and radiation(More)
Ionizing radiation (IR) treatment results in activation of several DNA damage response molecules, such as ataxia telangiectasia, mutated (ATM), and DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNAPK) in mammals that are increasingly recognized for their potential roles in the sensing of DNA damage and initiating the subsequent protein kinase cascade. In vitro evidence(More)
In turbulent economic times, the cost effectiveness of security measures is of the utmost importance when designing safeguards or countermeasures. This paper presents an optimal approach: MMT-O, Mitigating Multi-Threats Optimally, to meet the above challenges. The proposed approach is based on an optimum mitigation path set generation algorithm that(More)
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