Hilton José Silva de Azevedo

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Whilst we have a number of techniques for building multiagent systems, such techniques assume that the number and role of each agent in the system is known a priori. Unfortunately it is rarely the case in practice, in particular when trying to build multiagent knowledge management systems in R&D environments exhibiting a high rate of turnover. Thus, we need(More)
This paper concerns the relationship between agents or multi-agent systems and distributed communities of practice. It presents a review of a number of agent and multi-agent applications with features that could contribute to supporting distributed communities of practice. The association is promising because of features like autonomy, pro-activity,(More)
This paper presents a certified confidence model which aims to ensure credibility for information exchanged among agents which inhabit an open environment. Generally speaking, the proposed environment shows a supplier agent b which delivers service for a customer agent a. The agent a returns to b a crypto-graphed evaluation r on the service delivered. The(More)
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