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CONTEXT Vertebral fractures significantly increase lifetime risk of future fractures, but risk of further vertebral fractures in the period immediately following a vertebral fracture has not been evaluated. OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of further vertebral fracture in the year following a vertebral fracture. DESIGN AND SETTING Analysis of data(More)
After an untreated 5-month duration of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes mellitus (DM), nerve growth factor (NGF) levels in BDE rats were decreased to 45-65% of control in the sympathetically innervated target organs iris and submandibular gland, in the superior cervical ganglion (containing NGF-dependent sympathetic perikarya projecting to the cranial(More)
After traumatic brain injury (TBI), patients present with psychological disorders that may be explained by post-traumatic pituitary insufficiency (PI). The goal of this study was to determine the relationship between hypopituitarism, neuropsychological changes and findings on CT scans after TBI. Hospital charts of 55 TBI patients were screened for age,(More)
Alterations of bone metabolism have been observed in numerous studies of HIV-infected patients. Sex steroids are known to profoundly influence bone mass and bone turnover. Hypogonadism is common in HIV-infection. Therefore, we performed a cross sectional study of 80 male HIV-infected patients without wasting syndrome, and 20 healthy male controls, in whom(More)
Seventeen patients underwent a neuroendocrinological function test at a mean 6.3 years following a severe craniocerebral trauma (CCT) accompanied by midbrain syndrome. An insulin hypoglycaemia test (IHT) and the combined pituitary anterior lobe test (CPALT) were applied. Whereas the IHT as maximum stimulator of the hypothalamo-pituitary system (HPS) showed(More)
Long term results after surgery for growth hormone (GH)-secreting adenomas indicate only a limited cure rate, particularly in patients with tumours invading the dural boundaries of the sella with suprasellar extension. Since octreotide had become a treatment option, it was used i.v. via an implantable pump system in five patients (age range 24-46 yr)(More)
In a non-randomized retrospective study n = 36 prolactinoma patients (n = 7 micro- and n = 29 macroadenomas) were evaluated before (E0), 4 (E1) and 52 weeks (E2) after applying 3 different treatment modalities: A dopamine agonist (DA) therapy (n = 14), B surgery as initial procedure (n = 12) and oral DA therapy, C DA preinjection, subsequent surgery (n =(More)
To evaluate the interrelationships between anterior pituitary function and the antidiuretic system in patients harbouring hypothalamo-hypophyseal tumorous lesions, combined anterior pituitary stimulation tests were performed in the pre (n = 192 patients) and postoperative (n = 151 patients) state. Basal and stimulated plasma antidiuretic hormone, serum as(More)
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