Hilmar Schiller

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Cardiomyocyte transplantation could offer a new approach to replace scarred, nonfunctional myocardium in a diseased heart. Clinical application of this approach would require the ability to generate large numbers of donor cells. The purpose of this study was to develop a scalable, robust, and reproducible process to derive purified cardiomyocytes from(More)
Although skin is the largest organ of the human body, cutaneous drug metabolism is often overlooked, and existing experimental models are insufficiently validated. This proof-of-concept study investigated phase II biotransformation of 11 test substrates in fresh full-thickness human skin explants, a model containing all skin cell types. Results show that(More)
BACKGROUND The recent success in the derivation of differentiated cell types from stem cells has raised prospects for the application of regenerative cell therapy. In particular, embryonic stem cells are attractive sources for cell transplantation, due to their immortality and rapid growth. These cells, however, also possess tumorigenic properties, which(More)
Human aldehyde oxidase (AO) is a molybdoflavoenzyme that commonly oxidizes azaheterocycles in therapeutic drugs. Although high metabolic clearance by AO resulted in several drug failures, existing in vitro-in vivo correlations are often poor and the extrahepatic role of AO practically unknown. This study investigated enzymatic activity of AO in fresh human(More)
ATP is released by numerous cell types in response to mechanical strain. It then acts as a paracrine or autocrine signaling molecule, inducing a variety of biological responses. In this work, we addressed the question whether mechanical force acting on the membranes of contracting cardiomyocytes during periodic longitudinal shortening can stimulate the(More)
We have developed a reliable radioimmunoassay for testosterone in plasma, polyethylene glycol ("Carbowax 6000") being used to separate antibody-bound and free hormone. Testosteron is separated from interfering steroids, notably dihydrotestosterone, by liquid-liquid partition chromatography on infusorial earth (Celite). The assay is sensitive (9 pg for(More)
In Africa, Sutherlandia frutescens is a popular medicinal herb widely consumed by people living with human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS. Concomitant use with antiretroviral drugs has generated concerns of herb-drug interaction (HDI). This study investigated the inhibitory effects of the crude extracts of S. frutescens on the major cytochrome P450 isozymes(More)
We have developed a simple, reliable radioimmunoassay for plasma 11-deoxycortisol. The method does not require chromatography but instead makes use of a simple extraction procedure which, in combination with the antibody characteristics, is highly specific for the metyrapone test. Polyethylene glycol was used to separate free and antibody-bound steroid. The(More)
BACKGROUND Liver allografts transplanted between MHC-disparate mice, rats, and swine are spontaneously accepted in most strain combinations without requirement for immunosuppression. The underlying mechanism has, however, remained elusive. Here, we demonstrate that co-transplantation of donor-derived hepatocytes protect Lewis (RT1.A1) cardiac allografts(More)