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MODULAR ANALYTICS (Roche Diagnostics) (MODULAR ANALYTICS, Elecsys and Cobas Integra are trademarks of a member of the Roche Group) represents a new approach to automation for the clinical chemistry laboratory. It consists of a control unit, a core unit with a bidirectional multitrack rack transportation system, and three distinct kinds of analytical(More)
The analytical performance and practicability of the Boehringer Mannheim (BM)/Hitachi 911 analysis system have been assessed in a multicentre evaluation, which involved six laboratories from European countries. Analytes commonly used in classical clinical chemistry were tested in a core programme, which mainly followed the ECCLS guidelines. In addition, a(More)
MODULAR ANALYTICS Serum Work Area (in USA Integrated MODULAR ANALYTICS, MODULAR ANALYTICS is a trademark of a member of the Roche Group) represents a further approach to automation in the laboratory medicine. This instrument combines previously introduced modular systems for the clinical chemistry and immunochemistry laboratory and allows customised(More)
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