Hillel Rubin

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We propose an abstraction method for medium-scale biomolecular networks, based on hybrid dynamical systems with continuous multi-affine dynamics. This abstraction method follows naturally from the notion of approximating nonlinear rate laws with continuous piecewise linear functions and can be easily automated. An efficient reachability algorithm is(More)
Energy dissipation associated with logic operations imposes a fundamental physical limit on computation and is generated by the entropic cost of information erasure, which is a consequence of irreversible logic elements. We show how to encode information in DNA and use DNA amplification to implement a logically reversible gate that comprises a complete set(More)
Agile development processes are adaptive rather than predictive. Therefore, agile processes emphasize operational system code rather than its documentation. To overcome the absence of comprehensive documentation artifacts, agile methods require constant interaction between the system stakeholders. Ironically, however, some traditional documentation(More)
The authors present an overview of the major principles and concepts of the INA architecture, describe the requirements imposed by telecommunications applications on a software architecture for such applications, and outline the major principles of the INA architecture and how these principles meet the requirements of telecommunications applications. They(More)
Twenty-two normally developing five-year-olds were asked to judge, identify, repair and explain phonological and morphological errors. All of the errors involved the addition, substitution or omission of a single phoneme, which in the morphological task, was also an inflectional morpheme. Stimuli were controlled for type of error (omission, addition,(More)
This manuscript concerns the decrease of the structural strength and possible collapse of force (pressure) mains due to bedload erosion (abrasion), caused by low concentrations of hard solid particles transported with the sanitary sewage. Such a phenomenon may probably occur in combined sanitary systems (CSS), but it has also been observed in force mains(More)
This manuscript concerns the decrease of the structural strength of rigid pipes made of homogeneous materials due to bed load erosion, caused by different concentrations of hard solid particles transported by the sanitary sewage, or surface runoff. Such a phenomenon has been observed in combined sanitary systems (CSS), as well as in force mains delivering(More)
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