Hillary S Klonoff-Cohen

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BACKGROUND Although Autistic Disorder is associated with several congenital conditions, the cause for most cases is unknown. The present study was undertaken to determine whether breastfeeding or the use of infant formula supplemented with docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid is associated with Autistic Disorder. The hypothesis is that breastfeeding(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitalized smokers often quit smoking, voluntarily or involuntarily; most relapse soon after discharge. Extended follow-up counseling can help prevent relapse. However, it is difficult for hospitals to provide follow-up and smokers rarely leave the hospital with quitting aids (for example, nicotine patches). This study aims to test a practical(More)
OBJECTIVES Infertile couples undergoing fertility treatments may experience stress and could benefit from psychological intervention. Expressive Writing Intervention (EWI) has shown promising results on various psychological outcomes, yet only one study has applied the method to infertility-related stress. Our aim was to assess feasibility and effectiveness(More)
A new instrument was developed and assessed for internal consistency, validity and test-retest reliability. A total of 151 women undergoing IVF/GIFT in California rated concern levels about anesthesia, surgery, recovery time, side-effects, finances, missing work, pain, insufficient information and delivering a healthy baby. Validity was assessed by(More)
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