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BACKGROUND Excessive fear of scrutiny is a defining feature of social anxiety disorder. Eye contact may trigger feelings of being scrutinized, and although eye contact is commonly feared in persons with social anxiety disorder, it has been studied little. The purpose of this study was to characterize fear and avoidance of eye contact in patients with social(More)
We have simultaneously fit Chandra and RXTE spectra of the Galactic black hole XTE J1118+480 with three models for X-ray reflection. We explored a range of accretion disc ionizations (log(ξ)=1–4; ξ = L X /nR 2) and iron abundances (0.10–1.00). Our fits with the constant density ionized disc models of Ross & Fabian indicate that ≤0.5 per cent (90 per cent(More)
We present Chandra X-ray Observatory ACIS-S3 X-ray imaging observations and VLT/FORS2 and Hubble Space Telescope optical observations of two low-density Galactic globular clusters; NGC 6366 and M55. We detect 16 X-ray sources with 0.5-6.0keV lumi­ nosities above LX = 4 x 1030 erg s-1 within the half-mass radius of M55, of which 8 or 9 are expected to be(More)
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