Hillary Kruger

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Two immunohistochemical techniques to determine the presence of yellow fever and dengue antigens in fixed tissue samples were developed for the purpose of making retrospective diagnoses of these viral diseases in humans. A horseradish peroxidase label was used for one technique and an alkaline phosphatase label for the other. In the former technique, acid(More)
BACKGROUND Sickle cell disease patients are more likely than the general population to undergo surgery and usually do so at a younger age. Female sickle cell disease patients also have special gynecological and obstetric issues related to their disease. METHODS We collected data through standardized clinical report forms, patient interviews, and medical(More)
We have shown that in some cases fully developed florid verruga peruana nodules, as well as late-resolving, deeply situated lesions, can histologically suggest a variety of tumors to experienced pathologists. The compact proliferation of endothelial cells characteristic of florid verruga lesions can give rise to two pseudoneoplastic histologic patterns. One(More)
We report here on a normal-appearing male with pervasive developmental disorder who was found to have a de novo, apparently balanced complex rearrangement involving chromosomes 6, 10, and 21: 46,XY,ins(21;10)(q11.2;p11.2p13)t(6;21)(p23;q11.2). Further analysis by high-density oligonucleotide microarray was performed, showing an 8.8-Mb heterozygous deletion(More)
same dense network of elongated and parallel elastic fibres (Heath et al., 1959). By the end of the first month of extrauterine life the pulmonary arterial pressure has fallen to a value that remains approximately the same throughout the rest of life. During the first two years of extrauterine life, the elastic tissue in the wall of the pulmonary trunk(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence and overlapping combinations in past thirty-day cigarette use, smokeless tobacco use, and cigar use in the active duty U.S. military. METHODS Data were taken from the 2008 Department of Defense Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Military Personnel. A total of 28,546 service members participated for a(More)
The signalling pathways used by the human endothelin A receptor to activate phospholipase A2 in Chinese hamster ovary cells were investigated. Pertussis toxin caused a partial but significant reduction in endothelin-1-induced arachidonic acid release although cAMP-dependent kinase inhibitors did not mimic its action. Extracellular calcium and its entry into(More)
were performed in all except 2 patients. Lactose absorption was more impaired and intestinal lactase levels were lower in the pellagra than in the kwashiorkor group. The fact that diarrhoea after admission to hospital was less common in pellagra than kwashiorkor was ascribed to a lesser lactose load due to the early introduction of a mixed diet in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the ability of lactoferrin in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) synovial fluid to bind "free" iron, and to study the regulatory mechanisms therein that control iron homeostasis. METHODS "Free" iron was determined by the bleomycin assay and lactoferrin concentrations by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. The activities of iron regulatory(More)