Hilla Ovadia

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The inflammasome has been recently implicated in obesity-associated dys-metabolism. However, of its products, the specific role of IL-1β was clinically demonstrated to mediate only the pancreatic beta-cell demise, and in mice mainly the intra-hepatic manifestations of obesity. Yet, it remains largely unknown if IL-1β, a cytokine believed to mainly function(More)
In studies designed to examine the effects of the immune system, recordings of multi-unit electrical activity (MUA) in the central nervous system were made in the preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus (POA/AH) and paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of rats, following sheep red blood cell (SRBC) immunization. Peak increases in POA/AH MUA were observed on the fifth(More)
Convulsions are common complications of shigellosis in children. Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), a stress neurohormone, has been implicated in the susceptibility of young children to seizures. We investigated the role of CRH in Shigella-related seizures. Pretreatment with Shigella dysenteriae sonicate enhanced mice response to pentylenetetrazole(More)
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