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Depressive symptoms in native and immigrant adolescents: the role of critical life events and daily hassles
Abstract The present study compared native Austrian, first and second generation immigrant adolescents regarding their level of depressive symptoms, critical live events, and daily hassles.Expand
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Bullying and Victimization Among Native and Immigrant Adolescents in Norway
This study compares levels of bullying others, victimization, and aggressiveness in native Norwegian and immigrant adolescents living in Norway and shows how bullying is related to proactive andExpand
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Bullying and affiliation: A study of peer groups in native and immigrant adolescents in Norway
This study (1) investigated the extent to which native Norwegian and immigrant girls and boys bully others and (2) examined peer groups to find out with whom pupils affiliate with when bullyingExpand
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Depressive Symptoms Among Native and Immigrant Adolescents in Norway: The Role of Gender and Urbanization
The study investigates depressive symptoms among 3,431 adolescents aged 13–15 years. The sample comprises both native Norwegian and immigrant adolescents living in Norway. The main finding of theExpand
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The goal to be accepted by friends as underlying function of overt aggressive behaviour in immigrant adolescents.
This study investigated (1) to what extent the goal to be accepted by friends is an underlying function of overt aggressive behavior in adolescents, and (2) whether this function is more predictiveExpand
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The need for peer acceptance and affiliation as underlying motive for aggressive behaviour and bullying others among immigrant youth living in Austria and Norway
This study (1) compared the overall levels of aggressive behav- iour and bullying others and (2) investigated the predictive power of two underlying motives - reactive aggression and the need forExpand
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Emotional Problems in Traditional and Cyber Victimization
Previous studies show an association between traditional and cyber victimization. However, there seem to be differences in how these forms of being bullied relates to emotional problems in theExpand
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Guidelines to prevent cyber-bullying: a cross-national review
Cyberbullying is one of the darker and more troubling aspects to the growing accessibility of new media technologies. Children in developed countries engage with cyberspace at younger and youngerExpand
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Peer groups and victimisation among native and immigrant adolescents in Norway
Despite the rapid increase in immigration all over Europe and concerns expressed for the adjustment of immigrant children and young people, studies on peer victimisation among them are scarce. ByExpand
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Teacher Authority in Long-Lasting Cases of Bullying: A Qualitative Study from Norway and Ireland
A growing body of research shows a correlation between an authoritative school climate and lower levels of bullying. One objective of this study is to conceptualize authoritative intervention inExpand
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