Hildegard Willer

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BACKGROUND East-West comparison studies in Europe find higher prevalences of infectious airway diseases and lower prevalences of allergies in eastern areas. Pollution from sulphur dioxide (SO2) or total suspended particles (TSP) are discussed as causes of this difference. METHODS In four differently polluted areas of East Germany where pollution decreased(More)
Travelling from Belgium to the BUNA works in Schkopau, ten of eighteen tank wagons filled with vinyl chloride (VC) derailed on the Magdeburg-Halle railway line just outside Schönebeck station. One wagon exploded and four others went up in flames. Buildings and trees in gardens located in the immediate vicinity of the track caught fire and burned. Four(More)
The Institute of Hygiene was requested to determine causes and scope of health complaints made by the employees of Haldensleben district administration after sound absorbing mineral fibre boards had been installed as suspended ceilings. The boards were coated with a lean water-carried paint; however, the edges, which were partially frayed, were not coated.(More)
INTRODUCTION On May 3, 2009, a first case of influenza A/H1N1 infection occurred in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. In order to stop the possible spread of the virus and to study the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the infection, an investigation was launched by the local health authorities and the RKI. METHODS Standardised(More)
Regarding the hippocampal formation and especially the external two thirds of it's dentate molecular layer a lot of possible morphological changes after long-term potentiation (LTP) have been described in literature. The present morphometric-stereological study of vesicles in axo-spino-dendritic synapses of the inner third of the molecular layer was done(More)