Hildebrand Kunath

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Studies from six regions of Germany (Aachen (W1), Dresden (E1), Jena (E2), Marburg (W2), Munich (W3), and Stuttgart (C1)) have been compared to verify and assess the quality of healthcare using breast cancer as an example. All of the data collection was carried out in comprehensive cancer centres and is population-based, with the exception of C1. Classic(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the Saxon Diabetes Management Program (SDMP), which is based on integrated practice guidelines, shared care, and integrated quality management. The SDMP was implemented into diabetes contracts between health insurance providers, general practitioners (GPs), and diabetes specialized practitioners (DSPs) unified(More)
AIMS The Childhood Diabetes Registry in Saxony, Germany, examined the incidence and metabolic characteristics of childhood diabetes. METHODS In the federal state of Saxony, newly diagnosed cases of diabetes in children and adolescents aged less than 15 years were registered continuously from 1999 until 2008. Family history, date of diagnosis, clinical and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE By promoting the networking of all those involved in caring for diabetics in Saxony, through agreement between those who provide help to them and the organizations which pay the costs, the intention is to improve the overall quality of care of diabetics. It was the aim of this study to evaluate the effectiveness of this integrated(More)
In a retrospective study 157 patients with electrophysiologically proven carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) were followed up. Of the 85 operatively treated patients, 86% showed clear improvement or cure, as did 32% of the patients not operated upon. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and linear discriminant analyses indicated atrophy and length of history(More)
Purpose: To assess the influence of diabetes on the development of keratoconus to show whether biomechanical effects are also reflected in epidemiology. The two diseases have opposite impact on the biomechanics of the corneal stroma: manifest diabetes stiffens the cornea, whereas keratectasia weakens the tensile strength of the stroma. Methods: The(More)
In the fields of health care and medicine there is an immense demand for a systematic application of methods of information processing and for the use of computers. Obviously, to that end well-trained scientists and qualified personnel must be available. With the present recommendations on education and training in medical informatics the German Association(More)
In 50 Escherichia coli strains obtained from the bladder puncture urine of patients with chronic pyelonephritis, determinations of virulence properties were performed. All of the E. coli strains isolated from 26 acute episodes of pyelonephritis were found in the smooth form. 30% possessed K 1 antigen, 77% showed the ability to form hemolysin and 30%(More)
Modern computer technologies, such as telemedicine, have been successfully introduced in medical practice. However, whereas in an office-like environment, an integration of computers is uncomplicated, it is quite difficult to accommodate computers in an environment, where medical staff working at the point of care needs to be highly mobile. In this(More)
For testing the influence of the examination position on the parameters of the urethrocystometry 124 findings of urethrocystometry of 103 female patients were evaluated in 3 groups. In these cases slight alterations develop when changing between lying and sitting position, whereby in sitting position a greater differentiation of an existing component of(More)