Hilde van Houte

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The uptake and metabolism of [1-(14)C]-labelled dolichol, dolichoic acid and nordolichoic acid were investigated in MDCK and HepG2 cells. Each of the three isoprenoids, bound to human serum albumin, was taken up effectively. None of the compounds was broken down in HepG2 cells, although these converted dolichol into fatty acid esters. In MDCK cells(More)
The partnership of parents, teachers, and schools is necessary to develop effective school food interventions. To gather parents' and teachers' opinions and perceptions about the school food policy, 884 parents and 70 teachers of preschoolers completed a questionnaire. School food policy is an issue of importance for parents and teachers: the majority(More)
The goal of this study was to clarify the mechanism responsible for the catabolism of alpha-tocopherol. The vitamin, bound to albumin, was incubated with rat liver microsomes and appeared to be broken down. Optimal production of the metabolite was obtained when 1 mg of microsomal protein was incubated with 36 microM of alpha-tocopherol in the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND Depression screening can improve identification and subsequent treatment of depression in general practice. Response of Turkish and Moroccan elderly is unknown. OBJECTIVES (1) To assess the response of elderly Turkish and Moroccan general practice patients on a postal depression screening. (2) To trace reasons for non-response. METHOD At 14(More)
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