Hilde Schwartz

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The Manyara Beds in the area of Makuyuni Village in the Lake Manyara Basin, Tanzania have been studied for nearly a century, but interpretations of their age have ranged from Middle Pleistocene to Late Pliocene. New geological, paleontological and archeological fieldwork was conducted at the site and has provided siginificant new evidence, including refined(More)
The Pleistocene hominin site of Makuyuni, near Lake Manyara, Tanzania, is known for fossils attributable to Homo and Acheulean artifacts (Ring et al., 2005; Kaiser et al., 2010; Frost et al., 2012). Here we describe the fossil primate material from the Manyara Beds, which includes the first nearly complete female cranium of Theropithecus oswaldi leakeyi and(More)
Changes in the NMR chemical shifts of protons adjacent to the nitrogen atoms of Spermidine which are undergoing protonation have been measured by two-dimensional heteronuclear coupled NMR. Data thus obtained measure the dependence of the state of protonation of individual nitrogens on the pH, and permit calculation of the microprotonation constants of(More)
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