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OBJECTIVE To compare the duration and outcome of the first labour in women who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and women who have been raped in adulthood (RA). DESIGN Case-control study in a clinical cohort. SETTING University Hospital of North Norway. SAMPLE In all, 373 primiparas: 185 subjected to CSA, 47 to RA and 141 controls(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the duration of labour and the birth outcome in a group of primiparous women who had been raped after the age of 16, with a control group from the same birth cohort. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING University Hospital of North Norway. SAMPLE Fifty women raped as adults and 150 controls. METHODS Data about birth outcomes in the(More)
BACKGROUND A psychosocial team was established to meet the needs of an increasing number of pregnant women referred for fear of birth who wished a planned cesarean. This study describes the intervention, the women's psychosocial problems in relation to degree of fear of birth, changes in their wishes for mode of birth and birth outcome, women's satisfaction(More)
BACKGROUND the attitudes of two counsellors towards women requesting a caesarean section due to fear of birth were identified. One emphasised the ability to overcome any emotional obstacle to vaginal birth ('coping attitude'), and the other emphasised that the ultimate choice of mode of birth was the womans' ('autonomy attitude'). Two research questions(More)
BACKGROUND Rape is one of the most traumatizing violations a woman can be subjected to, and leads to extensive health problems, predominantly psychological ones. A large proportion of women develop a form of posttraumatic stress termed Rape Trauma Syndrome. A previous study by our research group has shown that women with a history of rape far more often had(More)
BACKGROUND Caesarean section rates have increased in Norway, as in the rest of the western world since the beginning of the 1970s, and further explanations are needed to understand this development. The study aimed to examine whether demographic or psychological burdens differed among women who feared childbirth, according to whether or not they requested(More)
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