Hilde Kuiper

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Situational antecedents and experiential correlates of shame and guilt in children were examined by having 6–11-year-olds give ratings of the extent to which two types of situations would elicit a protagonist's feelings of shame and guilt. It was predicted that one type of situation should elicit both shame and guilt, because the protagonist caused harm to(More)
Apoptotic cells are thought to play an essential role in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). We hypothesise that delayed or altered clearance of apoptotic cells after UV irradiation will lead to inflammation in the skin of SLE patients. Fifteen SLE patients and 13 controls were irradiated with two minimal erythemal doses (MEDs) of(More)
Exposure to toluene causes a marked hearing loss in rats, and this effect has been observed in some human solvent abusers. The issue of whether toluene or one of its metabolites is responsible for this effect has not been examined. To attempt to resolve this issue, we manipulated the metabolism, and thus the circulating levels, of toluene as follows. Two(More)
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