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Biopsy specimens were taken from the affected first dorsal interosseous muscle in 29 women with painful chronic overuse syndrome and from 8 volunteer controls. Structural differences in samples from the women with overuse syndrome included increased type 1 fibres with type grouping, decreased type 2 fibres, type 2 fibre hypertrophy, increased internal(More)
  • H J Fry
  • 1986
Overuse syndrome in musicians was extensively reported 100 years ago. The clinical features and results of treatment, which were recorded in considerable detail, match well the condition that is described today. The medical literature that is reviewed here extends from 1830 to 1911 and includes 21 books and 54 articles from the English language literature,(More)
To investigate claims that painful musculoligamentous overuse in the arms and hands of pianists is accompanied by loss of motor control, we studied 18 pianists with overuse syndrome of one or both arms and hands and 22 skill-matched pianists with no history of overuse. All of the pianists performed continuous repetitions of a five-finger exercise on a piano(More)
In einer Carry-over-Studie wurde der Transfer von Melamin aus dem Futter in das Ei der Legehenne untersucht. Dazu wurde ein Fütterungsversuch an Legehennen durchgeführt, in dem ein Mischfutter, das mit drei gestaffelten Konzentrationen an Melamin (2,5; 100 und 400 mg Melamin pro kg Futter) supplementiert worden war, an Legehennen in Gruppenhaltung(More)
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