Hilda Villegas-Castrejón

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Muscular dystrophies are a heterogeneous group of hereditary diseases characterized by loss of muscle and weakness of non neurogenic origin. They are caused by mutations in one or more genes involved in the formation of muscle cells. The discovery of several proteins in the muscle began with the discovery of dystrophin, 130 years after the clinical(More)
The classical roles of B cells include the production of antibodies and cytokines and the generation of immunological memory, these being key factors in the adaptive immune response. However, their role in innate immunity is currently being recognised. Traditionally, B cells have been considered non-phagocytic cells; therefore, the uptake of bacteria by B(More)
We evaluated the nature and the extent of the damage to the respiratory epithelium of guinea pigs after a 4-month exposure to the mixture of air pollutants in southwest Mexico City. Guinea pigs were placed outdoors on the roof of our facility, 8 hours daily, from February to May 1995. At the same time, control guinea pigs were kept indoors breathing(More)
BACKGROUND Arthroplasty is successful because biocompatible material is available, but its lifespan decreases due to inadequate fixation, mechanical wear and tear, or biological loss caused by osteolysis. This last is a tissue response to wear particles of the implanted material localized in the bone--prosthesis interface. We undertook this study to present(More)
Physicians at the National Institute of Perinatology in Mexico City, Mexico used a Carl-Zeiss EM 10C electron microscope to examine genital secretion samples from 10 pregnant women (15-38 weeks' gestation) who had been diagnosed with Mobiluncus species and Gardnerella vaginalis infections to illustrate the form and structure of bacteria responsible for(More)
Perinatal vertical transmission has increased in all the world; it is considered that at the present time there are about one million of children with HIV. Variation goes from 12 to 40%, at different countries. During the last years antiretroviral drugs as AZT, ddI and others have been used to diminish the virus passage via transplacentary. Eighteen(More)
INTRODUCTION The Egr-1 protein is a transcriptional factor responsive to early growth. Transcriptional regulation of the promoter has been described like responsive to physical stress, osmotic changes, and cellular growth marker. However, there is no report about the pharmacological effect on the transcriptional regulation in gliomas. Hereby we report the(More)
Krabbe's leukodystrophy is a rare hereditary disease in Mexico. For that reason we report the case of an 11-year-old child. Ultrastructural studies of sural nerve biopsy specimen are described. Myelin sheaths were uniformly thin for the fiber diameters. Cytoplasm of Schwann cells exhibited a moderate dilatation with non-membrane masses with partly(More)
The possible vascular hazard associated with carbohydrate intolerance produced by long-term use of oral contraceptives was investigated by examining the capillary basement membrane thickness in quadriceps muscle biopsies, a highly sensitive and reliable indicator of diabetic microangiopathy. The average basement thickness of 18 long-term (4-9 years)(More)
OBJECTIVE We report 14 cases of patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth types 1 (CMT) and type 2 (CMT2). The objective of this study was to determine the diagnostic value of structural studies of peripheral nerve and striated muscle biopsies and to discuss correlations with clinical symptoms and electrophysiologic findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS Nerve and muscle(More)