Hilda Reyes-Zapata

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This article presents the preliminary findings of the Survey on Teenagers and Youth Reproductive Behavior in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, which contains information on 1,010 teenagers and young adults from 10 to 25 years of age interviewed in 1987. The average age was 17 years; 51.7 per cent of those interviewed were male and 48.3 per cent were(More)
This paper analyzes the validity and reliability of a method proposed by HERMAN et al [8] used to classify avoidable neonatal deaths. This method is based on a list of amenable medical conditions with an a priori decision about the avoidance of deaths. The results obtained using this method are compared to those derived from the discussion of individual(More)
Health care quality assurance is an increasing demand of our social environmental, regarding not only high medical technology centers but, even more so, the services given at the primary care level, that covers the greater part of the population. In this paper we describe a quality assurance program implemented through "quality circles" within the(More)
The need for the development of a monitoring system as a support emerged in Mexico from the experience acquired during the implementation of Quality Assurance Programs. The monitoring system is designed around the goals, activities performed to achieve the goals and the problems encountered in their achievement. The system conducts to the creation of(More)
We determined the main causes of death in 798 perinatal deaths which took place among 32,701 births at several health institutions in Mexico City during the summer of 1984, in accordance with the Wigglesworth Classification. We evaluated the concordance among the codifiers of the causes, with a 92% result (P less than 0.0001). The main causes of death were:(More)
The present article shows the methodology of implantation of a quality guarantee program of medical attention through quality circles at the National Institute of Perinatology and it's results. Among them emphasize the following: organization's structure effects. The optimum on resources in it's own process of attention on the satisfaction of the patients(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine the application of gender perspective in public health papers in four journals published by the Mexican National Health Institutes. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 999 papers published in the four journals between 2000 and 2003 was reviewed. Two levels of analysis were considered: (a) data presented(More)
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