Hilary Nixon

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The growth of electronic waste (e-waste) is of increasing concern because of its toxic content and low recycling rates. The e-waste recycling infrastructure needs to be developed, yet little is known about people's willingness to fund its expansion. This paper examines this issue based on a 2004 mail survey of California households. Using an ordered logit(More)
The fate of used electronic products (e-waste) is of increasing concern because of their toxicity and the growing volume of e-waste. Addressing these concerns requires developing the recycling infrastructure, but good estimates of the volume of e-waste stored by US households are still unavailable. In this context, we make two contributions based on a(More)
We examine some consequences of dumping used oil in the environment and review some policies to foster used oil recycling. We then contrast policies adopted in the Canadian Prairie Provinces for managing used oil, used oil filters, and containers, with those put in place in the rest of Canada. Our analysis proposes that public-private partnerships relying(More)
This paper investigates the costs of controlling some of the environmental impacts of motor vehicle transportation on groundwater and on surface waters. We estimate that annualized costs of cleaning-up leaking underground storage tanks range from $0.8 billion to $2.1 billion per year over ten years. Annualized costs of controlling highway runoff from(More)
Engineering and economic considerations are typical driving forces behind the selection of specific chemicals used in the manufacture of consumer products. Only recently has post-consumer environmental impact become part of the major considerations during the initial phases of product design. Therefore, reactive, rather than proactive strategies have(More)
Environmental studies of motor vehicles typically focus on air pollution or noise, but ignore water pollution. In this paper, we examine some of the impacts of motor vehicle transportation on non-point source and on groundwater pollution. Our estimates of the present value of costs for cleaning up leaking underground storage tanks and for controlling(More)
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