Hilary Mullaney

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Examined, in a sample of 170 students in Grades 1-12, relationships between parental background and socialization variables and children's knowledge of AIDS risk factors and willingness to interact with people who have AIDS. Most parents had talked to their children about AIDS and supported early AIDS education, but were susceptible to common transmission(More)
The practice of neuropsychological assessment with Spanish speakers is hampered by language inadequacy in test translations and adaptations. The authors advance some ideas on how such testing materials have made their way into our field and suggest some ways to minimize such problems in the future.
This paper introduces a system that uses brainwaves, or EEG (electroencephalogram), information to compose and play music in real-time. The system composes music using generative grammars and transition rules controlled by means of information extracted from the EEG of the subject. The paper starts by noting the various attempts at the design of systems(More)
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