Hilary McLellan

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A new interprofessional primary care team was established in a greenfield site. Using anethnographic approach, significant experiences in the formation of the team were documented and specific problem areas were defined and addressed using action research principles. The nature of the problems experienced and the processes used in their resolution are(More)
The role of appraisal within professional development has assumed a higher profile in response to national policies including those relating to clinical governance and workforce development. Under the guidance of a service development manager trained in human resource management, a new interprofessional Primary Care Practice Team near Cambridge defined and(More)
It is essential to think about education online as comprehensively as possible. Experience design offers designers of online courses a comprehensive model informed by research and development in a number of areas that can provide a foundation for the effective design of online experiences that are functional and purposeful—and also engaging, compelling,(More)
T HE MODEL of an Intemet-based virtual learning community, with students interacting dynamically with the content, the technology, and, most importantly, each other, offers a powerful and convivial approach to providing education at a distance. The classes described here, based on over a year of teaching classes entirely via the Internet, work very(More)
INTRODUCTION The evaluation of the effectiveness of helicopter emergency medical services is currently a major focus of air transport research, and dispatch judgment likely will play a significant role in any research aimed at measuring outcome or impact. SETTING Two rotor-wing programs in Alberta, Canada. METHODS A panel of experts evaluated the(More)
Virtual realities are a set of emerging electronic technologies, with applications in a wide range of fields. This includes education, training, athletics, industrial design, architecture and landscape architecture, urban planning, space exploration, medicine and rehabilitation, entertainment, and model building and research in many fields of science(More)
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