Hilary J. Holz

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Despite a lack of consensus on the nature of Computing Research Methods (CRM), a growing number of programs are exploring models and content for CRM courses. This report is one step in a participatory design process to develop a general framework for thinking about and teaching CRM.We introduce a novel sense-making structure for teaching CRM. That structure(More)
The <u>c</u>omputing <u>r</u>esearch <u>m</u>ethods (CRM) literature is scattered across discourse communities and published in specialty journals and conference proceedings. This dispersion has led to the use of inconsistent terminology when referring to CRM. With no established CRM vocabulary and isolated discourse(More)
1 {mojain, jshrager, arthurg}@stanford.edu. Dept. of Plant Biology, Carnegie Inst. of Washington, 260 Panama Street, Stanford, CA 94305 2 hilary.holz@csueastbay.edu. Dept. of Math & Computer Science, CSU, East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd, Hayward, CA, USA 94542 3 ovallon@ibpc.fr. 7141, CNRS/Université Paris 6, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, 13 rue(More)
SIGCSE-CSRM’s mission is to support collaborative exploration of content, pedagogy, and curricular issues related to teaching research methods in computing (CRM). The committee runs a listserv and a wiki, including a repository of CRM course materials. At ITiCSE 2006, a SIGCSE-CSRM working group developed a sense-making framework for teaching computing(More)