Hilary E. Snell

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[1] As part 1 in a series of papers describing long-term simulations using the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system and subsequent process analyses and sensitivity simulations, this paper presents a comprehensive model evaluation for the full year of 2001 over the continental U.S. using both ground-based and satellite measurements. CMAQ(More)
1. Abstract We describe a technique to determine the temperature of a Resident Space Object (RSO) from multiple infrared (IR) bands. The characteristic temperature of an object is the temperature of the Planck function that has the closest least squares fit to the observed irradiance in at least three infrared bands. The characteristic temperature and the(More)
The Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) traditionally has been used to examine either small spectral ranges or relatively imple spectra. Recently, however, studies have shown that the FPI can be competitive with the Michelson interferometer ver extended spectral ranges. This paper describes a relatively new FPI technique in which one of the étalon plates is(More)
We have developed an algorithm testbed designed for end-to-end simulation of atmospheric lidar measurements. The testbed is designed for maximum flexibility to allow for the rapid prototype and development of trace gas remote sensing systems. It not only provides a means of simulating sensor performance during the sensor design phase, but is flexible and(More)
Several studies have addressed the problem of optimizing field of view (FOV) size and sampling area of infrared sensors with the goal of achieving a higher percentage of cloud-free measurements. This study focuses on developing a tool to use global cloud analysis data in order to better understand the effects that different FOV sizes and satellite tracks(More)