Hilary Buchanan

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Research into the experience of the Huntington Disease (HD) spousal carer has established that carers experience several unique obstacles within their care-giving role. However, there is still a need to establish methodically the factors that impact on the HD spousal carers' situation and ultimately their quality of life. The aim of this pilot study, which(More)
During the decade to 1999, the incidence of human infections with the zoonotic pathogen verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 (VTEC O157) increased in England and Wales. This paper describes the results of a survey of 75 farms to determine the prevalence of faecal excretion of VTEC O157 by cattle, its primary reservoir host, in England and Wales.(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore hospice, acute care and nursing home nurses' experiences of pain management for people with advanced dementia in the final month of life. To identify the challenges, facilitators and practice areas requiring further support. BACKGROUND Pain management in end-stage dementia is a fundamental aspect of end-of-life care;(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about prescribing appropriateness for community-dwelling people with dementia (PWD). OBJECTIVE To estimate potentially inappropriate prescribing (PIP) prevalence among PWD in primary care in Northern Ireland, and to investigate associations between PIP, polypharmacy, age, and gender. METHODS A retrospective cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Pain assessment and management are key aspects in the care of people with dementia approaching the end of life but become challenging when patient self-report is impaired or unavailable. Best practice recommends the use of observational pain assessments for these patients; however, difficulties have been documented with health professionals' use(More)
The health physics activities related to the removal and disposal of a thermal shield at a nuclear power plant and subsequent repairs to the core support barrel required increased planning relative to a normal refueling/maintenance outage. The repair of the core support barrel was a "first" in the nuclear power industry. Pre-job planning was of great(More)